Irwin Rotational Lining

High quality coatings/linings on the most difficult geometries. Our PE and PP plastic coatings ensure the longest service life in various applications.

Pipe Refurbishment

Our pipe refurbishment process can make an old pipe better than the original at a fraction of the cost of fabricating and coating a new pipe.

Ventilation Duct Fabrication

Our sheet metal specialists are able to accurately and cost effectively fabricate the most difficult geometries from galvanized and stainless sheet. We also do onboard installation.

Steel Work

With our own ABS approved welding procedures and welders, stock of most grades of ship building steel, as well as pipes and pipe fittings, we are ready to meet the requirements of any short notice jobs.

2-stroke Main Engine Repairs

Unit overhaul, liner exchange, cross-head, crankpin and main bearing service; fuel pump overhaul, cooler cleaning (fixed price tariff available)

Electric Motor Rewind

Inspection & fault finding, dismantling & assembly, rewinding, dynamic balancing of rotating components,12 month warranty on rewinding work, 6 month warranty on overhaul work (we will even source you a new motor if it is cheaper!)