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Pipe Refurbishment

Making Pipes Better Than New at a Fraction of the Cost!

Polyethylene lined carbon steel pipes

offer the best combination of strength, lifespan and safety

Ballast Water Treatment System

Pipes ready for packing and shipment

Irwin Rotational Lining (IRL) is China’s largest producer of bespoke, polyethylene (PE) lined carbon steel pipe. Our core business is the fabrication of PE lined carbon steel pipe to isometric drawings provided by our customers. Our PE lined carbon steel spools are used globally in seawater applications in the shipping, oil and gas, mining, and produced water (de-salinization) industries.


IRL has the largest rotational lining ovens in the world, allowing IRL to PE line large diameter pipes and pressure vessels that other companies cannot handle.

“PE Lined carbon steel pipe is what you use for your seawater pipes when you want the strength and safety of steel and the absolute best and longest lasting coating you can put on that carbon steel pipe, that is why you see so much PE lined steel on LNG vessels.“
– Technical Director LNG Fleet