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PE pipe lining

DN1000 drain line with DDN300 branch with 6mm PE seamless lining

Irwin Rotational Lining has recently completed a detailed price comparison for a major European vessel owner that demonstrated significant quality and cost savings using PE lined steel pipes over GRE/GRP pipelines for SOX scrubber retrofits.

A primary concern for vessel owners is proper corrosion protection for the SOX scrubber wash water lines. Polyethylene pipe lining offers the highest level of protection for acidic contamination in wash water while maintaining the robust safety and dependability of a steel pipe.

Some of the key findings were as follows:

  1. Engine room scanning, and production of isometrics allow for pre-fabrication and lining of pipelines before the vessel arrives at the dockyard, reducing installation timelines even over GRE/GRP pipes that require longer time for in situ fitting.
  2. Chinese dockyards offer the lowest possible price for pipe fabrication and installation. Dockyard fabrication combined with Irwin Rotational Lining’s polyethylene pipe lining, create the lowest cost for high quality, acid resistant installed pipelines.
  3. Classification society requirements make GRE/GRP pipes not suitable for most large diameter water tight penetrations and overboard pipes. PE lined steel pipes are an obvious solution even if GRE/GRP pipes are used in other locations.
  4. Savings for PE lined pipes increase as the diameter of the pipelines increase.
  5. Installation costs of GRE/GRP pipes may be 50%-70% the cost of purchasing the GRE/GRP materials.
  6. Dockyard personnel are experienced working with steel pipes while more expensive specialty installers are often required for installing GRE/GRP pipes.
  7. Shipboard personnel overwhelmingly prefer steel pipes to GRE pipes because steel pipes are more familiar, easily repaired, and do not crack during maintenance.

Before deciding on your pipeline solution for a SOX scrubber retrofit, allow Irwin Rotational Lining to give you a quotation based on real numbers, so you can compare the cost and quality of installed PE coated steel pipe to installed GRE/GRP pipes.

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Note: Our coating factory is in Mainland China offering convenient logistics with Chinese dockyards.