Irwin Rotational Lining (IRL) has been listening to our customers. We have developed and invested in the process and machinery to PE line flanged spools up to 9 meters in length.

PE lined pipes remain the gold standard for anti-corrosion and erosion protection for seawater applications, but coating length restrictions meant cutting the pipes and adding flanges added cost for some applications.

Every dollar counts!

In response to requests by our customers to PE line longer pipes, Irwin Rotational Lining has developed and invested in a new process that allows us to line flanged pipes up to 9 meters in length to the same high quality that was previously restricted to 3 meter lengths.

This is not the inferior 1mm (or less) spray applied PE coating used by some of our lower quality competitors. This is a long lasting, 3-5mm rotational lining that will provide long lasting protection in even the most challenging environments.

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