Pipe Refurbishment: Make an old pipe into a better than new pipe at a fraction of the cost

  • Huge environmental benefits and lower carbon foot print by recycling the old pipe
  • 30%-50% less expensive than fabricating and coating a new pipe
  • Faster than fabricating and coating a new pipe
  • It is the same pipe so it will always fit
  • Savings over new fabrication and coating increase as the pipe diameter increases
  • Always the best option for large diameter pipe maintenance for vessels from 10-16 years of age.

Polyethylene (PE) Pipe and Pressure Vessel Lining: Best choice for sea-water applications

  • Installed PE lined steel pipes are 20%-30% less expensive than GRE/GRP pipe
  • Superior corrosion and erosion resistance resulting in a 10+ year life span
  • No special classification society issues for water tight penetrations, engine room or overboard applications
  • Pre-fabricated PE lined steel pipes can be installed twice as fast as GRE/GRP pipe
  • Robust strength of steel combined with the outstanding corrosion and erosion control properties of PE.

If you are docking in China and considering GRE/GRP pipe or have a large number of seawater pipes to renew, then you should consider PE lined steel pipe or pipe refurbishment for better quality and cost savings.

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