Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) retrofit

If you would never accept a galvanized ballast line on your new build vessel, why would you accept galvanized pipes on your BWTS?

Most BWTS retrofit installations include a scan of the engine room and creation of isometric pipe drawings. Send those isometric drawings to Irwin Marine Services and we can prefabricate and coat your spools and then deliver before your vessel enters the China Dockyard.

Prefabrication of pipes will dramatically reduce your docking timeline.

Irwin Marine can offer this guarantee because our proprietary rotational lining process builds a 4-6mm thick polyethylene pipe inside the steel pipe resulting in superior corrosion protection as well as the structural advantage of steel. We can only offer this guarantee on pipes fabricated from isometrics since we will keep these isometrics on file for 10 years to honor the guarantee.

Experienced technical superintendents will question if the pipes can be pre-fabricated and coated from an isometric drawing based on an 3D engine room scan and still actually fit in-situ. This is where the experience of the fabricator is important. We will study the isometrics and designate certain tie-in spools that will be fabricated by the dockyard to take care of any mis-alignment. The dockyard will be asked to make two copies of these tie in pipes and then one copy will be sent to Irwin Marine for coating. Your vessel will leave the dockyard with a system ready for commissioning and then we will deliver and install the coated spool pieces on a voyage repair basis or forward these coated spool pieces directly to the vessel for mounting by the crew. This gives the advantages of prefabrication and a safety factor for the fit up.

Most vessels dock vessel near a location of the final cargo discharge. Irwin Marine can deliver the coated pipes directly onboard the vessel at most major China ports. This means no hassle with the dockyard or management fees to deliver the coated pipes into the dockyard.

The end result is a long lasting, maintenance free pipeline.

While Irwin Marine is a pipe fabrication and pipe coating specialist, we also offer the entire package of 3D scanning, detail design, class approvals, dockyard installation and commissioning.

Let us challenge your assumptions about what can be done during a BWTS retrofit.