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Fast & Accurate Pipe Spool Fabrication!

Ship construction and maintenance includes a wide range of projects and involves intensive piping to connect a variety of equipment and transport fluid and gas. This is where pipe spool fabrication plays an imperative role as it helps fabricate even the most complex geometries from galvanized and stainless steel. Whether it’s for a marine project or any other industry, pipe fabrication work comprises hundreds of components and process steps.

What is Pipe Spool Fabrication?

The prefabricated components of a piping system are called pipe spools and they comprise the pipes, flanges, and fittings. The spools are mounted during the fabrication and delivered pre-mounted to make it easier to assemble using simple tools. In simple words, pipe spools connect long pipes with flanges at the tips and have to be positioned properly to make sure it can withstand the weight and force of the structure.

Why Pipe Spool fabrication?

As the construction of the ship and other marine industries require intensive piping, pipe spool fabrication is like a boon because of limitations of space on site. As pipe spools are fabricated using various types of raw pipes and pipe fittings, they are usually fabricated offsite and the end result is just flawless.

Here are a few benefits:

  • Cost savings and quality if the work as everything is done in a controlled environment.
  • High accuracies eliminate the need of rework on-site.
  • Not much workforce required for fabrication of spools on site.
  • No production delays as the fabrication take place in a safe environment.
  • Less assembly time and prefabricated spools take lesser fabrication.
  • Better control on welding parameters which results in a lesser probability of rework.

Why Choose Us?

Irwin Marine Group is known to provide highest standards of quality when it comes to pipe spool fabrication in China and Hong Kong. With improved safety in manufacturing conditions than on site, we can avoid unnecessary time delays. We have a proven record of handling even the most challenging spooling and fabrication jobs. Our welding machine and ABS approved procedure provide the best result as the workpiece that needs to be welded is rotating.

Best results and high-quality pipe spools…