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Why Polyethylene Pipe Coating for Unmatched Protection?
When it comes to a perfect pipe solution, Polyethylene Pipe Coating offers unmatched protection against corrosion as it consists of a seamless 3-6mm layer of PE lined to the interior of the pipe. Think the pipe is the mold and we build a PE pipe inside of the steel pipe. The big difference between a mold and your pipe is that our engineered powder securely bonds to the metal substrate.
PE Lining by Rotational Lining
The transportation of corrosive or abrasive materials in the concerned markets can lead to internal corrosion in pipelines that may further cause leaks and pipeline failure. Replacing the entire pipelines can be extremely costly and time-consuming, but it can be avoided by internal polyethylene pipe coating via a rotational lining process.

Rotational lining offers protection to the pipes from many forms of corrosion and we have developed our technologies to line small or large and simplest to the most complex structure. The lining is formed by rotational lining technology only and not another type of lining such as loose liner formed by extrusion lining.

Why Rotational Lining?
  • Regardless of the structure, a uniform thermoplastic layer for the interior of vessels is formed.
  • Even the large structure can be lined seamlessly without stressing the thermoplastic liner.
  • A bonded interior liner without the use of adhesives and access interior parts.
  • A PE liner consists of a uniform layer of PE bonded to the substrate for corrosion protection.
  • A cost-effective solution for Sulfuric Acid corrosion protection in SOX scrubbers.
  • It offers better impact strength and crack resistance as compared to other methods like PE FRP.
  • Virtually any size piece and geometry can be rotationally molded.
What does polyethylene pipe coating mean?
A polyethylene coating is composed of three-layer anti-corrosive steel pipe coatings:
  • Layer 1: This layer consists of fusion Bonded Epoxy which offers corrosion protection as it has a very good bonding with the blasted steel surface.
  • Layer 2: This layer is the copolymer adhesive which is a maleic anhydride grafted polyethylene compound.
  • Layer 3: This layer consists of a Polyethylene which is used as a protection against any physical damage.
The external layer is provided for corrosion resistance, electrical resistance, and chemical resistance while the internal layer offers low frictional resistance which prevents encrustation.
Irwin Marine Group is a pioneer in Polyethylene Pipe Coating and produces various types of cost-effective anti-corrosion coatings to meet the requirements of different applications for our clients in China and Hong Kong.